Naad Yoga

Dukh Bhanjan 2013

Raj Academy is proud to announce the 7th bead in the sacred series of International Healing Meditations.

Whole-night meditations focused on eradicating pain and suffering both internally and externally.

dukhbhanjan1_2011Dukh Bhanjan is dedicated to the remembrance of our Soul’s relationship with the Divine, a bond that guides us, protects us and ensures awareness, humility, compassion and love for the Creator and Creation. Due to daily routines, stress and everyday problems we quickly forget about this precious connection and loose ourselves in worries, suffering and ailments. Dukh Bhanjan is designed to empower you to break through this vicious cycle by allowing you to take a deep breath, to centre and ground yourself in a safe, meditative space, in order to face and let go of old patterns and defense mechanisms.

The event will be led by Professor Surinder Singh and the Raj Academy Conservatoire, utilizing the ancient science of sound to create and hold this sacred space. Through the resonance of the blessed Naad and Raags (ragas) (emotional based musical modes) from the Sacred Scripture of the Sikhs, in the presence of the Divine; an atmosphere of reverence, humility, devotion and openness is created; available and open to participants of all faiths, cultures, religions and genders.
This is a TREE event: we ask all participants to plant one tree within a year of participating in this meditation event. We also ask that you bring one problem to release from your body and mind (which you will meditate on resolving it throughout the entire night).
We strongly request that only people, who are able to participate for the whole night should attend as we will be creating a sacred space for deep contemplation and meditation, anybody leaving partway through would disturb the energy flow.
Please offer your support through attending and promoting this event to your loved ones and anybody you feel may benefit from this powerful healing event.

Date: Saturday 26th October 2013
Time of Meditation: 9pm – 6am

In order to register for this event, please send an email to